DPL FlexPad

The DPL FlexPad for pain relief wraps up things nicely for Richard.

"The Flex Pad Pain has brought back full functionality and significantly reduced the pain following surgery to my throat and back to remove bones and discs in my upper back and deal with torn muscles that keep the shoulder in place.

The pain was relentless after surgery and no amount of drugs would reduce this. I also had nowhere near full functionality in my upper back and shoulder and surgeons were considering a further operation.


At this stage I invested in the Flex Pad Pain, a flexible pad that wraps around the part of your body to treat, and after a short time I have recovered almost full movement in my upper back and shoulder. The pain has greatly subsided with only the occasional need to use any pain-killers. I bought a fabric brace to hold The Flexpad in place against my back and this works well.


Thanks to the Flex Pad from Brilliant Light Therapy, I’m now back at the gym and fully running my construction business. 


Richard Steedman, Cameron Drywall Contractors Ltd." Now on limited special offer.


SlipperFoot brings it all back for Jeanne

"SlipperFoot has recovered the loss of feeling in my toes on my left leg. The problem was initially diagnosed by my doctor as being down to poor blood circulation but the tablets prescribed were having no effect over a long period. I decided to try SlipperFoot and after a short space of time some feeling has come back into my toes. I just slip them on my feet for 20 minutes every evening whilst watching the late news on television so there is no effort required. As a bonus I'm also then generally having a better nights sleep." 

The benefits of SlipperFoot are not wasted on Jenny L
I have terrible foot pain from Morton's neuromas and neuropathy. I've been using this product less than two weeks and I'm already taking less pain medication. In fact, I noticed a lessening of pain within the first two days. Placebo effect isn't an issue with me; I've spent thousands of dollars on stuff that doesn't work and didn't have high hopes for this one. Desperation made me take the chance. I think this is well worth the cost based on how much less pain I have and fewer meds I'm taking.

Jack gets some relief from SlipperFoot

I recently got diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy, and was looking for anything that would give me a little relief. These do the job, but the pain relief isn't permanent, only temporary. But I'll happily take whatever relief from the pain that I can.


SlipperFoot is painless for E Palen and husband
My husband and I both have flareups of plantar fasciitis (PF) from time to time. I'd been walking for exercise which helped, but using these "slides" was the missing step that now helps me live without the pain. Being able to just stand on my feet and go without having to hobble for a few minutes first has been a real joy. I can even do stairs now without doing a flat footed crab walk up and down the steps - you PF sufferers know what I mean!
My hubby only recently started using them and gained instant relief especially after he's had a long day on his feet. They help to increase blood flow to your feet which I have found helps with minor foot injuries when I've overworked my toe joints. 

SlipperFoot can do a lot more than just increase blood circulation and is also recommended for relieving pain and stiffness, accelerating healing, repairing tissue, relaxing muscles and enhanced recovery from exercise or injury.

DPL11 anti-ageing

Beverly's rolling back the years

"I have received many compliments about my skin..." I bought the light therapy panel 5 years ago and use it religiously. I have received many compliments about my skin. I love it" Beverly Stengel

The DPL11 is currently on special offer and one a series of Anti-ageing products available from us.

Mary's forever young

"I was a skeptic about this system, but as a scientist, I do trust the FDA. I have used my anti-aging light for about 15 times over 7 days and there is a notable improvement! My fiancé, who is 6 years younger than me, said I look way beyond rested. I am 59 years young. I can feel tightness in my face that I haven’t had for a while." — Mary P, Senior Biologics Discovery Research Scientist"