reVive Light Therapy® Clinical Acne Treatment

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Experience medical-grade light therapy for destroying acne in the comfort of your own home. The reVive Clinical penetrates deep into the skin, targeting and destroying bacteria that leads to acne. The result is clean, clear skin with a healthier appearance.
The At-Home Version of What Professionals & Physicians Use to Treat Acne!

• Medical-grade blue LED lights reach deep where bacteria lives
• Soothes inflammation and reduces pore size
• Purifies the skin, and stabilizes oil glands
• Reduces future acne flare ups and potential scarring
• Calms redness and inflammation

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How to use: Wash and clean face prior to use. Place device head within 1/4″ distance from the skin, over the desired treatment area. Leave the light on the treatment area for a minimum of 3 minutes. Do not move or wave the device across the treatment area. Move device to the next treatment area and repeat. Use device daily for best results.

Results: 100% of users participating in a clinical study experienced significant reduction in acne.

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