dpl® Oral CareFor Healthy Teeth & Gums
dpl® Oral CareFor Healthy Teeth & Gums
dpl® Oral CareFor Healthy Teeth & Gums
dpl® Oral CareFor Healthy Teeth & Gums
dpl® Oral CareFor Healthy Teeth & Gums

dpl® Oral CareFor Healthy Teeth & Gums

A light therapy device to improve gum health, whiten teeth, and kill bacteria that leads to gum disease and bad breath.


The most advanced over-the-counter oral care light therapy system on the market is finally here. dpl® Oral Care has more power, and has a larger treatment area than any other competitor. Use the dpl® Oral Care for healthy gums, teeth, and fresher breath. Light therapy increases the effectiveness of whitening strips and gels!

DPL Oral Gum Care Light Therapy Led System Kit

LED light therapy has been practiced by oral care professionals for well over 40 years, delivering consistent results. Now you can experience the same medical grade treatment in your home for less than the cost of a single visit to your oral care professional. Our oral care devices are Cleared for in-home use.

This device fits nicely in the mouth in a shape of a mouth guard. LED lights shine on the gums to improve gum health, redness by increasing the circulation and stimulating the gum tissue. Additionally, the device has been designed to help with stains on your teeth due to coffee, tea and other food items that cause staining.


Cleared, clinically tested, and recommended by oral care professionals.

Light therapy devices used for health, wellness and cosmetic purposes are considered Class II Medical Devices and have a strict clearance policy.


Our medical grade light therapy covers a large treatment area and penetrates deep into tissue to whiter teeth and fresher breath.


Stimulates blood circulation, encourages healing, improves gum bleeding, relieve pain and works on dentures.

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Sandy R -
Good for gum health This product has helped my gums heal tremendously. I have a couple of teeth that my dentist would like to remove. Not cavities, just recession. This has helped them so far.
Colton -
This device is only meant to be used 10 minutes a day. It is a great enhancement to your overall dental health. Those who criticize this device as being able to sustain a charge that lasts only nine minutes are neglecting something. You are not supposed to use it for more than 10 Minutes a day. Its designed that way. They didn't read the documentation. I've been using this device for about two weeks now. So far I love it. I felt a difference after the first day. My feeling is that your system of caring for your dental health is not complete without this device. Brushing only does so much, flossing only does so much, mouthwash only does so much and dentist visits only do so much. This devices is very much a step in the right direction and I want to see this company grow strong to further develop such products. This device destroys bacteria colonies where brushing, flossing and mouthwash cannot. It does work. This is not a smoke and mirrors device. Best results are after doing a complete job cleaning with conventional methods, then use the light to penetrate areas where conventional methods could not reach. Yes! I highly recommend this device.