reVive Light Therapy® Essentials Acne Treatment

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The reVive® Essentials was recently named Top Acne Treatment Device by TeenVogue. Experience medical-grade acne treatment at home or on-the-go.
• The most affordable FDA-cleared light therapy device on the market
• Destroys acne causing bacteria and reduces redness
• Portable with 3 power options: 120V/240V, USB, or 3 AA batteries

Portable Acne Treatment Device—Perfect for Entry Level Users!

Our reVive® Essentials destroys acne-causing bacteria fast — see results within days!

Selected as Top Acne Treatment Device by TeenVogue.

The reVive Light Therapy® Blue Light Acne Treatment system penetrates deep into the skin, targeting and destroying bacteria that leads to acne. The result is clean, clear skin with a healthier appearance.

• FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device
• Medical-grade blue LED lights reach deep where bacteria lives
• Destroys acne-causing bacteria, soothes inflammation, and reduces pore size
• Reduces swelling, purifies the skin, and stabilizes oil glands
• Reduces future acne flare ups
• Calms redness and inflammation

Results: 100% of users participating in a clinical study experienced significant reduction in acne.

How to use: Wash and clean face prior to use. Place device head within 1/4″ distance from the skin, over the desired treatment area. Leave the light on the treatment area for a minimum of 3 minutes. Do not move or wave the device across the treatment area. Move device to the next treatment area and repeat. Use device daily for best results.

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