At-Home light therapy devices for Acne

Blue light therapy is a noninvasive treatment for acne that uses light to kill certain bacteria on the skin.

  • A form of phototherapy, blue light treatments are FDA-approved for acne vulgaris that is moderate or has not responded to other therapies.
  • Blue light therapy uses light in the blue wavelength range to kill the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, or P. acnes, on the skin.
  • There is no recovery time, and the treatment has relatively few, if any, adverse effects.
  • Blue light therapy can be carried out at home.
  • Blue light treatment is generally recognized as a safe, effective and non-invasive acne treatment. It is a great alternative to prescription oral or topical treatments which can be harsh or irritating to the skin.

Advantages of blue light therapy for acne

Blue light therapy may offer some benefits over alternative acne treatments, as it is considered:

  • safe and gentle
  • painless
  • drug-free
  • appropriate for all areas of the body
  • suitable for use with most other acne therapies

Unlike photodynamic therapy, there is no requirement to avoid the sun following treatment. Blue light therapy does not cause any scarring. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology light therapies "show great promise in treating acne," with many people experiencing a significant improvement in their skin health after a number of sessions.

Blue light therapy can be used to treat acne that is already present on the skin or to control the condition before an outbreak occurs.

Until quite recently, LED therapy was something that you could only really get at a dermatologist’s or esthetician’s clinic, but as LEDs have become easier to produce this has allowed the development of reasonably priced units for home use

Phototherapy or  light therapy, is used in different ways throughout skin care. Red LED frequency has been shown to stimulate collagen, while blue has been shown to kill acne-causing bacteria

More and more people are looking for natural treatments for acne and light therapy devices are a great addition .

In recent years, a growing number of blue light products have become available to treat acne at home.

Self-applied blue light treatment has been reported to be easy and safe to use.