• Nasal X 1 Delivered free within 5 days

Nasal X 1 Delivered free within 5 days

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 Allergy reliever - breath easy again!

Nasal-X-1  is a revolutionary medical device for personal use for the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis, hay fever and other allergic nasal symptoms such as stuffy nose, nasal itching, sneezing, congestion and sinusitis by using
630nm red light.

Intranasal light therapy involves the simple process of clipping the two small light emitting Probes into the nose – to illuminate the nasal cavity which quickly stimulate your blood capillaries. The unique rechargeable control unit allows you to regulate, time, mode and power.

The result?
Increased blood circulation in the nasal tissue
Enhanced local blood oxygen saturation
Eliminated/reduced nasal obstruction (congestion) caused by nasal swelling
Improved nasal anti-virus/germs ability
Repaired local blood capillaries
Strengthened detoxification ability of the nasal mucosa

Nasal-X-1 has two nasal light probes and a “Smart”, unique, rechargeable, micro-chip controller which allows you to program Time, Power Level and Mode. It is based on the phototherapy principle of treatment with light energy, and uses a visible light source of red light with a frequency of 630nm at a narrow band wavelength. This is the optimal wavelength to achieve the effect of treating Allergic Rhinitis symptoms. It is drug free thus eliminating the side effects of many medications.

The science
A published clinical trial ( Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. I Neuman 1, Y Finkelstein et. al.) reported:-
“significant improvement in symptoms by 72% of Allergic Rhinitis patients and objective improvement was endoscopically seen in 70% of them, as compared with 24% and 3% respectively, in the placebo group. Conclusions: Allergic rhinitis, if uncomplicated by polyps or chronic sinusitis, can be effectively treated by narrow-band red light illumination of the nasal mucosa at 660 nm, with marked alleviation of clinical symptoms.

Instructions for use :-
1. Connect controller to USB port with the lead supplied. The battery level indicator will flash until fully charged (Up to 3 hours)
2. Disconnect the power cord from the controller
3. Press and hold down the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds until screen lights up
4. Press “Time” button until desired time - 15 - 30- 45 - 60 minutes - shown on screen (Initially start at 15 minutes)
5. Press "Mode" button for - # 1 - both probes activated -- #2 - Left probe only - # 3 Right probe only
6. Press power button to adjust power level - 5 levels - indicated by bars on the screen - (Initially start at the lowest level)
7. Press the ON/OFF button again and the unit will start with your settings
8. When your treatment is complete press and hold down the ON/OFF button until the unit turns off.

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